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art studio: nicholle kobi.

The roads that lead to self discovery and self love are often tainted by an individual's environment and society's preconceived notions. But this journey through the eyes [and pen] of Nicholle Kobi is a grand reflection of Parisian brown beauty. She illustrates real women – loud with purpose, massive in effect, and deliberate in appeal.


NAME: Nicholle Kobi | HOME GROWN: Evreux [Normandie, France] | DAY JOB: illustrator | DREAM JOB: fashion designer, animator [in my own studio, of course]…


COFFEE OR TEA: Coffee | VINTAGE OR COUTURE: Couture | SUCCESS OR FAME: I don't like either word, but if I had to choose one – success. | SILVER OR GOLD: Silver | APPETIZER OR DESSERT: Dessert | SUMMER OR WINTER: Winter| MILD OR SPICY: Spicy | NO REGRETS OR NO FEARS: No fears | TRUTH OR DARE: Truth

Q & A.

JRL:  The depiction of friendship and motherhood as gifts are consistent themes in your work. How important was it for you to offer a positive and powerful perspective on female relationships?

NK:  Those depictions are for me. For no other reason than these images make me happy, but I do hope that they bring some joy to others.

JRL:  Your illustrations seem to serve a dual role – celebration and self acceptance. You gracefully outline the beauty of black women highlighting natural hair, full lips, and curvy figures. Which role defines your work in terms of how you want your audience to perceive it? 

NK:  I just want to show beautiful and graceful Black women. We are classy, poised, and smart. I need for my audience to see that we are more than the vulgar images of sexuality that are given to us. We can have big asses, big noses, big lips, big hair and be chic; because it's not about what you wear, it's who you are.

JRL:  You often alternate between soft pastels and bold primaries, what's the significance of your contrasting color palettes?

NK:  I actually prefer soft, neutral colors. They represent what I love and how I feel. Primary colors are sometimes too aggressive, but they offer strength to an insipid image.

JRL:  As a viewer, I feel like your illustrations serve as character studies. Each woman becomes a visual snapshot drawn into a documentary. What music serves as the soundtrack for these independent yet emotionally connected subjects?

NK:  I really love beautiful melodies. The lyrics would come second. The music that serves me: SZA, Jhené Aiko, Yuna and Mr Probz.


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Images shown: Sexy Choco | Sisters are Forever | Low Battery | July July July | Young Girl Big Fro | All Black Everything | Afro X Red and Black | Brown Girl X Grill | 2 Afro Cousins | Afro Sunday

Image credits: All artwork created by and provided courtesy of Nicholle Kobi.


by the book: the coiffure project.

the coiffure project is a photographic essay about the beauty of individuality. baltimore based photographer glenford nuñez captures the natural hair option as a conversation, not a debate. there is a defining depth at the root of textured tresses. the coiffure project isn't simply a reflection of exaggerated coils, it is a stunning spectacle of self expression.

photography credits: the coiffure project was created by and provided courtesy of glenford nuñez.


art studio: crowns of color.

designer and educator andrea pippins is the creative behind the online visual resource fly. andrea's signature is her ability to showcase color and pattern, infused with music and highlighted with snippets of pop culture. her crowns of color series is no exception. inspired by hair, in addition to graphic textiles, each portrait is a historical celebration translated via modern interpretation.

crowns of color series: afro blue | pompadour blue | asymmetrically green | gumby in grape

image credits: the crowns of color series was created by and provided courtesy of andrea pippins.


the beauty mark: knot today.

who? – the vintage influenced, designer driven, corporate trendsetter.

what? – kinky curly knot today leave in conditioner/detangler.

why? – you usually equate taming your textured tresses to the conflicting personalities of the three department heads that you manage. but the combination of a wide tooth comb and this conditioner makes the process as effortless as your impeccable style.

where? – kinky curly

[photo: courtesy of kinky curly]