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happy holi-daze gift guide: one for you, one for me...

i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it actually is the gift that counts. let's be honest, no one is interested in the thought behind a flavored ham of the month club. and if you think that i could use anything at all that is sold exclusively on television at three o'clock in the morning, please think again. the wrong gift can turn a perfectly functional family gathering into the following: twelve accounts payable, eleven assigned seats, ten crocodile tears, nine family feuds, eight sucker punches, seven binge eaters, six sibling rivalries, five intoxicated confessions, four kissing cousins, three surprise engagements, two new chefs [who made the potato salad?], and a raw turkey to eat. i've compiled a lovely list of gift ideas guaranteed to bring only peace, love, and joy. i am wishing you all so much bliss and many blessings this holiday season.

smith & cult:

row one: bitter buddhist | gay ponies dancing in the snow | kings & thieves | vegas post apocalyptic | stockholm syndrome | row two: shattered souls | honey hush | bridge and tunnel | row three: fauntleroy | tenderoni | ghost edit | feathers & flesh


shrug open wave | large knit cowl | arm warmers peek-a-boo elbow | infinity rays | woven shawl

the pairabirds:

flower crown silhouette art print (001) | flower crown silhouette art print (002) | flower natural hair silhouette art print (003)floral hair bun silhouette art print (004)


saco de papel in cork  | saco de papel in glacier | saco de papel in ice | saco de papel in froze |
saco de papel in off white

emm kuo:

baller cardholder | girlboss cardholder | hustler cardholder | swagger cardholder

jennet liaw:

stay humble/hustle hard print

malvi marshmallow confections:

raspberry hibiscus | vanilla salted caramel | spiked espresso | chocolate | peppermint chocolate

sucre shop:

holiday wishes scoops | holiday wishes spoons | woodsy forks | spread joy knives | christmas fair isle forks | christmas fair isle scoops


pentahedron coasters | geometric coasters | cube coasters

old tom foolery:

happy holidays h-62 | christmas cc-36 | christmas cc-35

karolin schnoor:

cactus | wall calendar 2015


be well | wake up | calm down | get happy | get it on

vice & velvet:

christmas tree soap – berry pudding | christmas tree soap – candy cane | christmas tree soap – punch

puma x solange – wild wonders:

puma x solange disc collection swirls | puma x solange disc collection triangles | puma x solange suede classic

erin robinson:

erin robinson's holiday greeting cards are sold in an assortment of twelve in her etsy shop.

photography + image credits: all photography and artwork provided courtesy of the respective brand, company, or artist. thank you – smith & cult | DeNada | the pairabirds x tabitha bianca brown | adaism | emm kuo | jennet liaw | malvi marshmallow confections | sucre shop | koromiko | old tom foolery | karolin schnoor | PLANT | vice & velvet | puma | erin robinson


by the book: lolli-pop by massimo gammacurta.

still life conceptual photographer and multimedia artist massimo gammacurta clearly has a sweet tooth. gammacurta's lolli-pop project is an edible homage to brand association. a handcrafted candy coated documentary on social consumption and materialism. this sculptural sugar rush is a literal appreciation and a dynamic interpretation of what defines good taste.

lolli-pops shown: apple | the new york times | bugatti | chanel | mercedes-benz | adidas | dior

[photography provided courtesy of BIS Publishers.]


best bites: the bang candy company.

the bang candy company's variety of potentially addictive "marshmallowy delights" call into question everything you thought you knew about the marshmallow set. not just for s'mores and hot cocoa anymore – chocolate dipped, espresso infused, and spice blended. the marshmallow can no longer be confined to a predetermined beverage. nor are they content being the accent to chocolate, these crafted confections are ready to stand on their own. it just got real…real good.

[photography provided courtesy of the bang candy company. // editor's favorite: toasted coconut is the flavor shown.]


either/or: jeni's splendid ice creams.

jeni's splendid ice creams lemon frozen yogurt: the tangy, tart sensation of lemon that hits your tongue with the first spoonful is instantly satisfying and addicting. i love flavor and if you promise me flavor, please deliver. ask and you shall receive.

jeni's splendid ice creams queen city cayenne: spicy milk chocolate ice cream. it's deliciously confusing. you briefly want water to cool down the heat kick until you remind yourself you're eating ice cream. it's already cold…right?

i rarely offer advice, but if you choose to indulge in any of the wonka-esque ice cream creations from jeni's – ask yourself if you can afford another habit.

[photos: courtesy of jeni's splendid ice creams]