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dime defined: charlotte cannon.


NAME: Charlotte Cannon | HOME GROWN: Born in Queens, New York; but raised in Florida and Arizona. | DAY JOB: Maker + Product Designer + Graphic Designer. | DREAM JOB: Architect (with a splash of product design).


MEAL: Dinner, anything made with love. | SEASON: Fall. The crisp, cool evenings. The colors. The peaceful lull just before the holidays. My birthday! | ERA: Edwardian (thank you, Downton Abbey). | CITY: Savannah | WORD: Yes | SOUND: Laughter | SCENT: Jasmine

Q & A.

Q:  Who would portray you in the movie version of your life? Feature film, straight to DVD, or Lifetime Movie?
A:  Feature film for sure! So many twists and turns! Possibly portrayed by Naomie Harris, Sanaa Lathan, or Thandie Newton.

Q:  What artists or songs would contribute to the film's soundtrack?
A:  Vance Joy, Mumford and Sons, CeeLo Green, John Legend, Ellie Goulding, and, wait for it... ABBA.

Q:  What's the best advice you didn't take? 
A:  "Be patient, everything will work out." I think if it doesn't feel right there's not much sense in waiting for something to change. Your life will go in the direction you take it. 

Q:  What film title sums up your experiences with love thus far?
A:  Grease (read into that however you see fit).

Q:  If your beauty routine had to be condensed, what three products make the cut?
A:  Mascara, Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner, and Shea Butter Lip Balm.

Q:  What is your alter ego's name? Describe her in one word.
A:  Luciana Fire. Hot.

Q:  What's the title of your autobiography – using one color and one emotion?
A:  Restless Girl, Scarlet Dreams. 

Q:  Would you rather have no regrets or no fears?
A:  No fears. I'd do everything I've ever wanted without reservation or hesitation. Also, I think regret is sourced in fear. Eradicate them both by being fearless.

Q:  What's your definition of dime?
A:  To me a dime is someone who is open, kind, yet unashamed and determined. She doesn't put limits on herself. She believes, she loves, she grows; but she's also an encourager and builds up those around her.

Q:  What words do you live by?
A:  Can't never could. 


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Photography provided courtesy of Charlotte Cannon. | editor's note: Charlotte's illustrations (Girl Gang series) and homeware designs (Rain Coasters, Rain Wood Tray, Alpaca Wood Display Dish) were featured in the photography, but not mentioned in the interview.


art studio: kathrin honesta.

kathrin honesta's illustrations create spaces. the subjects depicted become a community that encourages the viewer to stumble, to breathe, and to find contentment. the anxiety portraits series seems to suggest simple truths in that anxiety and fear aren't obscure emotions to anyone. the complexity lies in the often visceral reaction to these emotions. in direct contrast, the drowning in thoughts series conveys a literal interpretation of searching for balance. in this case, the subjects alternate between keeping their head above water or peacefully allowing the chaos to overflow. kathrin's depictions reflect the beauty of personal growth and how abstract the process can be.

images shown: anxiety portraits series | drowning in thoughts series | the light that saves me | the moon girl 

image credits: all artwork created by and provided courtesy of kathrin honesta.
connect with the artist: instagram | society6 | the undaunted dandelion


art studio: sara woodrow.

the ballerina is a prominent muse for sara woodrow's illustrations, her face often obscured or nonexistent. the dancer's hidden identity is bold in direct contrast to the muted color story; she becomes the many faces that we've become accustomed to wearing – either by choice or by circumstance. the subjects that dominate sara's other canvases look at the viewer head on. the eyes, specifically, offer conclusions to their line of sight. they are cautious and unimpressed, somber and thoughtful; never expressing just one emotion, but rather feeling everything – all at once. their complexity is somehow captured as a constant moment in time.

images shown: blu | diva lady | girl | french girls | fashion illustration | take me with you 'cause i'm lonely | save me | on display | mirrors | emeralda | already see it | lady blue | bare shoulders | music 

image credits: all artwork created by and provided courtesy of sara woodrow.


art studio: pippa mcmanus.

Pippa McManus illustrates the pursuit of glamour as art. The fashion insider seems approachable via Pippa's storytelling approach to the industry. We become engaged in visual banter and the individual becomes a real life canvas where fashion is seeking acceptance. Conformity and perfection become an investigative inquiry rather than an obsession.


NAME: Pippa McManus | HOME GROWN: Perth, Western Australia | DAY JOB: Fashion Illustrator | DREAM JOB: Fashion Illustrator


COFFEE OR TEA: Coffee | VINTAGE OR COUTURE: Couture | SUCCESS OR FAME: This is the only one I can't choose, I want it all! | SILVER OR GOLD: Gold | APPETIZER OR DESSERT: Appetizer | SUMMER OR WINTER: Winter | MILD OR SPICY: Spicy | NO REGRETS OR NO FEARS: No Fears | TRUTH OR DARE: Truth

Q & A.

JRL:  As a fashion illustrator, one would assume that your sole focus would be on the fashion. But, you have a different approach. You actually capture the industry, more specifically the women who make up the industry. Are you suggesting that it is the individual's approach [her walk, her attitude, etc.] to fashion that's the inspiration? As opposed to fashion being solely responsible for individuality?

PM:  That is an amazing compliment, I hope for nothing more than to capture the fashion industry as a whole. I started out solely trying to capture the line of a dress and the precise stitching and construction of an individual garment, but how boring! I find the clothes just as interesting as the face. A few years ago, my work started to shift focus onto the person wearing the clothes as much as the clothes themselves. I think maybe my work is a bit more fine-arty than it was previously. Like you say, more focus on the individual. I hope the viewer comes up with a story for each girl and I hope that every story is different.

JRL:  There seems to be a current obsession with full figures and extreme curves, yet the women that you depict are the polar opposite. Do you feel that the svelte frame is a voice that has been silenced or are you simply showcasing what you see?

PM:  An ongoing controversial topic in the fashion world. I occasionally cop a bit of flack for the way I depict my women. But what can I say, I'm a traditionalist. Fashion illustration has been based on a stretched and lengthened figure since forever. It's how I was taught to illustrate in college and what I'm comfortable with. It reflects the industry, which is my job in a nutshell. I regularly attend life drawing classes and love drawing real bodies from life, I have even taught such classes to fashion students. I believe in order to draw a stylized or distorted figure you must first learn how to draw an anatomically correct figure. The great thing about being a fashion illustrator is that I get to pick and choose from what the industry is currently obsessed with. I don't have to follow it all, case in point: minimalism, nothing bores me more! But I don't have to draw it.

JRL:  The eyes of your subjects dominate your work. They are piercing, mysterious, daring; I appreciate that I can't say sexy, demure, or innocent. Was this a conscious decision, to avoid simple stereotypes and offer a hint of each woman's individual complexity?

PM:  Thank you, I'm glad you think so! I do try to have a range of different girls though, sexy, demure, and innocent all included. And I do try to give them piercing, mysterious, and daring eyes. I think my girls can be all of these things wrapped into one; it's what the viewer sees. But the eyes are definitely my favorite thing to paint; perhaps what I'm feeling at the time is what comes through in the painting.

JRL:  What elements outside of fashion inspire your work?

PM:  I'm finding I'm a bit obsessed with video clips at the moment. I'm not sure why because I don't really listen to commercial radio at all. Actually that might be why. And that might link back to my obsession with youth culture; I think I definitely have a Peter Pan complex. But most of all I would say it's my friends who inspire me the most. The way they dress, the things we chat about involving both fashion and anything but fashion. They are all so individual and just hanging out with one of them for an hour will influence the next album I will download. Or I'll chase after some snippet of cultural info they have told me about.

JRL:  If your self portrait could be translated into a runway show, what designers and/or models are featured? What songs or artists provide the music? Why?

PM:  Good question! And a hard one! I suppose it would have to be a traditional design house that references past eras, maybe Miu Miu? The models would have to be a mix of my favorite pouty lipped kitten brigade: Frida Aasen, Daphne, Lindsey, Siri, Frida G. Girls I would love to look like and the more quirky girls that I love to draw. But I don't do it that often because the interesting looking girls don't sell as well as the VS type girls. Music would have to be 90's club anthems because that's my ultimate genre.


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Images shown: Trippy Gypsy | Dahlias & Dior | Ginta Rose | Bianca Bae | L is for Lindsey

Image credits: All artwork created by and provided courtesy of Pippa McManus.


happy holi-daze gift guide: one for you, one for me...

i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it actually is the gift that counts. let's be honest, no one is interested in the thought behind a flavored ham of the month club. and if you think that i could use anything at all that is sold exclusively on television at three o'clock in the morning, please think again. the wrong gift can turn a perfectly functional family gathering into the following: twelve accounts payable, eleven assigned seats, ten crocodile tears, nine family feuds, eight sucker punches, seven binge eaters, six sibling rivalries, five intoxicated confessions, four kissing cousins, three surprise engagements, two new chefs [who made the potato salad?], and a raw turkey to eat. i've compiled a lovely list of gift ideas guaranteed to bring only peace, love, and joy. i am wishing you all so much bliss and many blessings this holiday season.

smith & cult:

row one: bitter buddhist | gay ponies dancing in the snow | kings & thieves | vegas post apocalyptic | stockholm syndrome | row two: shattered souls | honey hush | bridge and tunnel | row three: fauntleroy | tenderoni | ghost edit | feathers & flesh


shrug open wave | large knit cowl | arm warmers peek-a-boo elbow | infinity rays | woven shawl

the pairabirds:

flower crown silhouette art print (001) | flower crown silhouette art print (002) | flower natural hair silhouette art print (003)floral hair bun silhouette art print (004)


saco de papel in cork  | saco de papel in glacier | saco de papel in ice | saco de papel in froze |
saco de papel in off white

emm kuo:

baller cardholder | girlboss cardholder | hustler cardholder | swagger cardholder

jennet liaw:

stay humble/hustle hard print

malvi marshmallow confections:

raspberry hibiscus | vanilla salted caramel | spiked espresso | chocolate | peppermint chocolate

sucre shop:

holiday wishes scoops | holiday wishes spoons | woodsy forks | spread joy knives | christmas fair isle forks | christmas fair isle scoops


pentahedron coasters | geometric coasters | cube coasters

old tom foolery:

happy holidays h-62 | christmas cc-36 | christmas cc-35

karolin schnoor:

cactus | wall calendar 2015


be well | wake up | calm down | get happy | get it on

vice & velvet:

christmas tree soap – berry pudding | christmas tree soap – candy cane | christmas tree soap – punch

puma x solange – wild wonders:

puma x solange disc collection swirls | puma x solange disc collection triangles | puma x solange suede classic

erin robinson:

erin robinson's holiday greeting cards are sold in an assortment of twelve in her etsy shop.

photography + image credits: all photography and artwork provided courtesy of the respective brand, company, or artist. thank you – smith & cult | DeNada | the pairabirds x tabitha bianca brown | adaism | emm kuo | jennet liaw | malvi marshmallow confections | sucre shop | koromiko | old tom foolery | karolin schnoor | PLANT | vice & velvet | puma | erin robinson

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