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[en]joy: delicious city prints.

home is a sensory experience that allows me to see my childhood dreams as reality. touch fire without the burn. smell nature without resentment. hear the sound of pure love. taste the flavors of my city without guilt. and hailing from the windy city, taste is an integral part of chicago's celebratory dynamic. the deep dish pizza and chicago mix popcorn are tourist attractions in their own right. graphic designer roni lagin's delicious city prints are a typographic taste test to those of us that identify family and feasts with heart and home.

prints are available for purchase at www.deliciouscityprints.com :: austin | baltimore | boston | buffalo | charleston | chicago | denver | london | los angeles | louisville | milwaukee | new orleans | new york | paris | philadelphia | pittsburgh | raleigh | san francisco | seattle | washington dc

[prints created by and provided courtesy of roni lagin. visit www.rlagindesign.com for additional information.]


[en]joy: fierce mally.

my appreciation for the beauty of print media runs deep. elation comes with the receipt of font focused vintage paper invitations. raw inspiration leaps from glossy glam magazine compositions. trust me – i get it. technology's communication process is not only eco-friendly and convenient, the response time is immediate. but mass holiday text messages, social media declarations, and thank you e-cards – i can't. fierce mally note cards are a collection of whimsical illustrations, watercolor prints, and clean lines that communicate city love, celebrations, and thank you loud and clear.

note card sets: love from d.c. // love from fargo // love from nyc // cheers to you // kitchen tools set // so…this happened.

[photography provided courtesy of fierce mally.]


[en]joy: tru.che.

how many times have you heard "i'm from [insert state here]" and the expected response was supposed to evoke fear or respect or admiration. i believe that people are defined by their roots. whether it manifests itself into blatant rebellion or internalized tradition is of course the individual's path to choose. tru.che's design principle of wear what you love is the perfect complement to either journey – specifically the a world of love collection. jewelry that provides a connection to who you were and an appreciation for who you were meant to be.

pieces shown: i heart africa // i heart illinois // home is where the heart is // happy in my heart // i heart louisiana bamboo [silver version] // linen love // i heart the united states // i heart utah // i heart texas

[photos: courtesy of tru.che]


[en]joy: maptote.

chicago is my city and i wouldn't want to be from anywhere else. maptote gets that people take their home grown status seriously. where you're from is who you are and most people take pride in that. maptote pays homage to the where while we constantly redefine the who.

wine tote in bordeaux! and champagne!
pencil pouch in black! and natural!
beach tote in chicago! and miami!
grocery tote in new orleans! and las vegas!
mapnote in paris! and seattle!

[photos: courtesy of maptote]