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best bites: clif mojo.

it's easy to assume that the clif mojo trail mix bar is a snack reserved exclusively for the camping, hiking, and biking crowd. i can assure you this is not the case. i imagine i would enjoy a safari sunset over a backyard barbecue. but the extent of my interaction with nature includes wood flooring that pays homage to tree bark and zebra printed throws that could possibly provide enough comfort to engage in a sing-a-long. clif mojo bars are ingredient packed flavor contrasts that do offer a taste of nature – no processed sugars and seventy percent organic. i can't imagine a cooler filled with deli sandwiches and potato salad competing with that.

flavors shown: chocolate almond coconut // mountain mix // peanut butter pretzel

[photography provided courtesy of clif bar.]


either/or: kind snacks.

mornings are a struggle for me. the process of actually waking up and deciding who i'm going to be on any given day rarely leaves time for a breakfast that requires major preparation. i have two go to options that never disappoint and that i can literally grab on my way out: the kind almond & coconut snack bar [plus a chocolate coconut water] or [apples and peanut butter topped with] kind oats & honey clusters with toasted coconut.

kind snacks are packed with all natural ingredients and nutrients. it's a different kind of snack in that good health is just as important as great taste. whole grains, whole benefits, whole meals – they're kind of the whole package.

[photos: courtesy of kind snacks]


best bites: granola five star bar.

so granola is kind of my thing. i blend it into my smoothies, mix it into my pancake batter, a cup of it almost always goes into my chocolate chip cookie dough. i like the crunch and i enjoy that the variety of ingredients rarely produces duplicate bites. the granola five star bar from lake champlain chocolates did the work for me and packed the contents of my breakfast granola [cranberries, almonds, maple syrup, and rolled oats] into a dark chocolate bar.

[photos: courtesy of lake champlain chocolates]