[en]joy: dinosaur designs.

bold, graphic, and color seem to illustrate the unspoken design principles of the australian based dinosaur designs. while they offer a wide range of handmade resin and sterling silver jewelry, my focus is on the rings. and as difficult as it was, i narrowed down my favorites. don't be fooled by the size, these small wonders will compete with the heart of an olympian to become the accessory of choice.

dinosaur designs is also a great resource for interior accents. the homewares collection displays the same striking design elements represented in the jewelry. the only difference is the canvas – rugs, dishes, the wish list is endless.

[photos: courtesy of dinosaur designs.]


the beauty mark: none of your beeswax.

who? – the fresh faced lightly glossed beauty purist.

what? – none of your beeswax vegan lip balm.

why? those passionate opinions that scream injustice flow through lips that often need superior pout protection against nature's elements. this balm is lemon infused with shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil ensuring that you're well prepared - no matter what cause you're fighting for.

where? lush cosmetics

[photo: courtesy of lush cosmetics.]


label love: harajuku mini for target.

gwen stefani's harajuku mini label, sold exclusively at target, represents everything fashion should be at every age. the focus is on color, graphic prints, and individuality. this season's halloween inspired collection does not disappoint. "monstrously cute" and "don’t bite my style" send messages of self confidence. while the animated harajuku girls offer just the right amount of edge for young girls who are eager to set themselves apart. remember when you dressed up to impress yourself?

graphic tees are from the big girl line. pieces are also available in toddler and infant girl.

photography provided courtesy of target.


color crave: grey matters.

grey is most often associated with despair and gloom, but for me it's my go to neutral staple. heather, charcoal, graphite – grey offers a variety that you can't get with black. i am in no way suggesting that grey is the new black because i can't wrap my mind around that concept. and at some point, as cyclical as fashion seems to be, black will be the new black. but i digress. grey personifies the concept that tradition can be trendy. it's that perfect balance between whimsy and function. the proof is in my color crave wish list below...

ROW ONE - [no: 01] garance dore studio pull over! [no: 02] SLOUCHY grey landscape bag! [no: 03] 3D ski hat!
ROW TWO - [no: 04] prospect watch! [no: 05] coat! [no: 06] chimney sweep nail lacquer!
ROW THREE - [no: 07] cardigan! [no: 08] tulip lo boots! [no: 09] elephant rocker!

still "grey" dreaming?
fill up west elm's woven felt baskets! stay warm in timberland's merino wool sweater dress! carry on with united nude's stealth backpack! runway walk in the tracy reese grey ruched dress!

[photos: courtesy of kate spade new york - 01 + 03, fluf - 02, crow watches - 04, united colors of benetton - 05 + 07, butter LONDON - 06, united nude - 08, manny & simon - 09.]

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