art studio: kathrin honesta.

kathrin honesta's illustrations create spaces. the subjects depicted become a community that encourages the viewer to stumble, to breathe, and to find contentment. the anxiety portraits series seems to suggest simple truths in that anxiety and fear aren't obscure emotions to anyone. the complexity lies in the often visceral reaction to these emotions. in direct contrast, the drowning in thoughts series conveys a literal interpretation of searching for balance. in this case, the subjects alternate between keeping their head above water or peacefully allowing the chaos to overflow. kathrin's depictions reflect the beauty of personal growth and how abstract the process can be.

images shown: anxiety portraits series | drowning in thoughts series | the light that saves me | the moon girl 

image credits: all artwork created by and provided courtesy of kathrin honesta.
connect with the artist: instagram | society6 | the undaunted dandelion

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