art studio: sara woodrow.

the ballerina is a prominent muse for sara woodrow's illustrations, her face often obscured or nonexistent. the dancer's hidden identity is bold in direct contrast to the muted color story; she becomes the many faces that we've become accustomed to wearing – either by choice or by circumstance. the subjects that dominate sara's other canvases look at the viewer head on. the eyes, specifically, offer conclusions to their line of sight. they are cautious and unimpressed, somber and thoughtful; never expressing just one emotion, but rather feeling everything – all at once. their complexity is somehow captured as a constant moment in time.

images shown: blu | diva lady | girl | french girls | fashion illustration | take me with you 'cause i'm lonely | save me | on display | mirrors | emeralda | already see it | lady blue | bare shoulders | music 

image credits: all artwork created by and provided courtesy of sara woodrow.

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