dime defined: jasmine durhal.


NAME: Jasmine Durhal | HOME GROWN: Detroit, MI | DAY JOB: Photographer | DREAM JOB: Full-time creative 


MEAL: Veggie burgers | DESIGNER: Céline | CITY: Detroit | SEASON: Fall | SOUND: Rain | ERA: The eighties

Q & A.

Q:  Who would portray you in the movie version of your life?
A:  Keke Palmer or Lupita Nyong'o.

Q:  What artists or songs would contribute to the film's soundtrack?
A:  Slum Village, a little Drake, and some Prince to add depth.

Q:  What's the best advice you didn't take? 
A:  None, I like to think mistakes are necessary.

Q:  What film title sums up your experiences with love thus far?  
A:  love jones…

Q:  What is your alter ego's name? Describe her in one word.
A:  Jassieuo. Unstoppable.

Q:  What three people could you spend eternity with?
A:  My grandma, my dog Brody, and my mommy.

Q:  Would you rather have no regrets or no fears?
A:  No fears. Fear is something I personally struggle with more. I tend to fear things at the first idea of the obstacle. Having no fear would result in a different approach to my work, my life, and everything in general. 

Q:  What's your definition of dime?
A:  A woman who knows who she is and what she is capable of. She uses her gifts not only for her benefit, but to help others as well.

Q:  What words do you live by?
A:  "Smile and the world smiles with you."

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Photography provided courtesy of Jasmine Durhal.

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