art studio: if these walls could talk...

it's so easy to consume yourself with every aspect of your desired field and by default cage your education. historical references, fictional characters, nature's backdrop – what represents your personal archive of inspiration, goals, and motivation? in between the conference calls and the coffee runs, amidst the instagram likes and the scandal retweets; find the beauty in the overwhelming and create that visual journal…

image credits: detailed from left to right, top to bottom. all images were created by and provided courtesy of their respective artists; with the exception of the cassandra rhodin wallpaper series, which was provided by your wallpaper.

:01 love story – big love wallpaper by cassandra rhodin | :02 life is for deep kisses… by weareyawn | :03 love story – roxxy wallpaper by cassandra rhodin | :04 love story – transdans wallpaper by cassandra rhodin | :05 stop in the name of love by viktor hertz | :06 love yourself print by kal barteski | :07 wutang print by roxy prima | :08 coffee and cigarettes by viktor hertz | :09 the royal tenenbaums poster by rachelle larocque | :10 even after all this time print by kal barteski | :11 always be yourself… by weareyawn | :12 love story – snekka wallpaper by cassandra rhodin

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