dime defined: shauna younge.


NAME: Shauna Younge | HOME GROWN: I'm a military brat, so I've lived all across the U.S. | DAY JOB: dessert table designer, photo styling instructor, DIY diva | DREAM JOB: dessert table designer, photo stylist, DIY diva


MEAL: Thanksgiving turkey and my mom's dressing. | YOGA POSE: Warrior | BRAND: Apple | CANDY: Smarties. No wait, banana Laffy Taffy. No, no, it's got to be sour gummy worms, or Gobstoppers, or… | SOUND: Laughter…unless it's maniacal twin girls in a scary movie laughing. | SCENT: Orange vanilla

Q & A.

Q:  Who would portray you in the movie version of your life? Feature film, straight to DVD, or Lifetime Movie?
A:  Kerry Washington in a Lifetime movie for no other reason than I love a good, overly dramatic, predictable TV movie marathon. They're so bad they're good.

Q:  What artists or songs would contribute to the film's soundtrack?
A:  Mary J. Blige's Just Fine, Keyshia Cole's Love, Fantasia's When I See You, Michael Jackson's PYT, and some Top 40 sprinkled in for good measure.

Q:  What one thing would your friends and family be surprised to learn about you?
A:  I can honestly say that I can't really think of anything. I'm too talkative to hold in secrets.

Q:  If your beauty routine had to be condensed, what three products make the cut?
A:  Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Moisturizer SPF 30 Revlon Brow Fantasy, and Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara.

Q:  Are you the woman your ten year old self wanted to be?
A:  In a basic sense, yes. I always wanted to work in a creative field. As a kid, my mind only knew of traditional artists and painters. But, as an adult, my design and styling work both nurture my creative side and are forms of art in and of themselves. Even though my younger self couldn't conceive of my career, I think she'd be ecstatic that I'm living a life that incorporates so much creativity and design.

Q:  What is your alter ego's name? Describe her in one word.
A:  Noelle. Sophisticated.

Q:  Food, water, and _____? What else do you need to survive?
A:  Conversation.

Q:  Would you rather have no regrets or no fears?
A:  No regrets. I'm okay with being afraid of things. I just try not to let the fear control my decisions. A lot of great things come out of making scary leaps. Although…a life without regrets sounds like a life without learning by experience.

Q:  What's your definition of dime? 
A:  A woman who loves and accepts who she is now, but strives to learn and do more.

Q:  What words do you live by? 
A:  Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle.


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Photography provided courtesy of Shauna Younge. Headshot + green and blue dessert table by Canary Grey. Pink dessert table by Paper Antler. | The dessert tables shown are a sampling of Shauna's portfolio.]

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