dimeink® is a combination of two words – dime and ink. but for branding and visual identity purposes, i chose to represent it as one word. the idea is that there should be zero negative space between who you are and what you hope to achieve. 

dimeink is for and about women who create their own identity regarding beauty and success. it's a visual directory for creatives, highlighting a diverse range of topics that include beauty, fashion, food, graphic design, home décor, and theater. in addition, there are two interview series, art studio and dime defined, that focus on women artists or writers, activists, and entrepreneurs respectively; along with the subject matter that defines their work.


hi! i'm joy r. lee, scorpio and infj. i'm a chicago area native, writer, visual stylist, and artist with an unwavering appreciation for: monologues, 90s r&b and hip hop, granola, lowercase sans serif typography, art deco, ice cream topped with potato chips, and bikram yoga (although lackluster in my practice, i have perfected camel pose). i am consumed by the art that is the written word. and in this space, the subject matter of redefining beauty is my passion. not so much the pursuit of glamour, but rather blatantly ignoring the obsession with conformity and perfection.

a sample of links from my writing portfolio are directly below. if you are interested in discussing a freelance opportunity, please email with the subject line – write now.

creation: what's the catch? | OnStage+ (goodman theatre digital magazine)

three decades of david cale | OnStage+ (goodman theatre digital magazine)

character study: "father comes home from the wars (parts 1, 2 & 3)" | dimeink