Q:  who designed www.dime-ink.com?

A:  all content – art and editorial was created by me specifically for dimeink®. this includes the logo design, image positioning, the borders or graphic design elements that highlight photography, and layouts. www.dime-ink.com is hosted on the squarespace platform. the site's layout is a squarespace template that i altered to fit the dimeink aesthetic. photography on the site is usually provided by a different source and is always used with permission and credited.

Q:  are you paid to review the products that you post about?

A:  no, every editorial mention on the site is based on my personal experience or preference. that being said, dimeink is a business that may sometimes depend on advertisers in the form of sponsored posts or affiliate links for revenue. content is not influenced by advertisers in any way.

Q:  can you explain the content formula for the beauty mark posts?

A:  each post in the beauty mark category is centered on what woman might use a particular product. she is described within the [who]. the [what] is the actual product name. the [why] is meant to be an entertaining reference as to how said woman uses this product with some product details. the [where] is a link to purchase information. please note that the beauty mark feature is on hiatus indefinitely.


if the above faqs don't address your concerns, any general questions or comments can be directed to imaginethat[at]dime-ink[dot]com with the subject line – hello.


there are several options available to advertisers interested in a partnership with dimeink. inquiries should reflect dimeink content. it is important to note that dimeink does not exchange links or review products for payment. for additional information, please email with the subject line – advertising.


dimeink loves a good photo op. for media inquiries, please email with the subject line – press.