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dime defined: maya-camille broussard.


NAME: Maya-Camille Broussard | HOME GROWN: Hyde Park. Chicago, IL. | DAY JOB: Creative Director, Art Consultant/Curator, Professor and Designer of interiors, products, and accessories. | DREAM JOB: I currently have my dream job/s. Now I have dream projects and dream clients that I'm currently working to attain!


DESIGNER: MIU MIU, Tibi, Alexander Wang, Joe's Jeans | CITY: Grasse, Barcelona, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans | CANDY: Junior Mints, Butterfinger, Sanders milk chocolate covered caramels. | AGE: The age I am now – never mind what that actual number is. | SOUND: The clock chimes at noon on the campus of Howard University. | POEM: Invictus by William Ernest Henley, Still I Rise by Maya Angelou | SCENT: Lavender, Sweet Orange Patchouli | APP: Google Maps, Duolingo, ASL Dictionary

Q & A.

Q:  Who would portray you in the movie version of your life? Feature film, straight to DVD, or Lifetime Movie?
A:  Sophie Okonedo would portray me in a feature film. I wouldn't mind if the film were silent.

Q:  What artists or songs would contribute to the film's soundtrack?
A:  Aloe Blacc, Liz Wright, Daley, Nas, Eric Roberson, Collette B., Alice Smith, Outkast, Tribe Called Quest (if they could get it together), Lucy Pearl (in my wildest, I-know-it-ain't-happening-but-a-girl-can-wish dreams), and Mary J. Blige (correction: 1990s-Mary-J.-Blige).

Q:  What's the best advice you didn't take?  
A:  "You should be a journalism major."

Q:  If your beauty routine had to be condensed, what three products make the cut?
A:  DERMAdoctor Ain't Misbehavin' CleanserColonial Dámes Vitamin E Cream, and Kate Somerville Exfolikate.

Q:  Are you the woman your ten year old self wanted to be?
A:  Not at all. At ten years of age, all I cared about was turning eleven. However, if I did imagine myself as a certain type of women at that age, then I am certain that I am not her at this moment.

Q:  What is your alter ego's name? Describe her in one word.
A:  Just one alter ego? Ha!

Q:  Food, water, and _____? What else do you need to survive?
A:  A spear for protection.

Q:  Would you rather have no regrets or no fears?
A:  I'd rather have no regrets. Fear is good for you. It keeps you alive.

Q:  What's your definition of dime? 
A:  A DIME is someone who simply identifies her desires and waits as it appears – not because she's a magician (she very well could be), but because she has the ability to pinpoint what she wants to do and simply does it. A DIME is able to distinguish her goals and follow through with such force and tenacity that it is seemingly done with ease. There is no roadblock, cul-de-sac, mishap, "near miss", deformity, disability, or person that holds a DIME back. The creative prowess, intellectual capacity, and defying spirit of a DIME makes her aspirational. Moreover, a DIME seeks to not only rise, but to bring others up with her.

Q:  What words do you live by? 
A:  My grandmother often said that you need to make sure you take care of two things: your feet and your teeth. I'd like to think that the deeper meaning is to be aware of where you are going (where your feet take you) and be conscious of what you speak (what passes through your teeth).


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Photography provided courtesy of Maya-Camille Broussard.


art studio: if these walls could talk...

it's so easy to consume yourself with every aspect of your desired field and by default cage your education. historical references, fictional characters, nature's backdrop – what represents your personal archive of inspiration, goals, and motivation? in between the conference calls and the coffee runs, amidst the instagram likes and the scandal retweets; find the beauty in the overwhelming and create that visual journal…

image credits: detailed from left to right, top to bottom. all images were created by and provided courtesy of their respective artists; with the exception of the cassandra rhodin wallpaper series, which was provided by your wallpaper.

:01 love story – big love wallpaper by cassandra rhodin | :02 life is for deep kisses… by weareyawn | :03 love story – roxxy wallpaper by cassandra rhodin | :04 love story – transdans wallpaper by cassandra rhodin | :05 stop in the name of love by viktor hertz | :06 love yourself print by kal barteski | :07 wutang print by roxy prima | :08 coffee and cigarettes by viktor hertz | :09 the royal tenenbaums poster by rachelle larocque | :10 even after all this time print by kal barteski | :11 always be yourself… by weareyawn | :12 love story – snekka wallpaper by cassandra rhodin


dime defined: natalie patterson.


NAME: Natalie Patterson | HOME GROWN: LA by way of Indiana | DAY JOB: Day job?! No buddy! | DREAM JOB: I'm living my dream job. Poet. Teaching artist. Fully myself.


MEAL: Pork chops from Blossom, although I'm a vegetarian again. | SOUND: When PayPal alerts me that someone has paid me. | SCENT: Warm syrup | WORD: Mellifluous | APP: Maps 

Q & A.

Q:  Who would portray you in the movie version of your life?
A:  I would, obviously. Anything else would be weird.

Q:  What artists or songs would contribute to the film's soundtrack?
A:  I would need Drake, Beyoncé, Etta James, Tracy Chapman, Meshell Ndegeocello, Jay Z, Frou Frou, Yuna, Quadron, and Jill Scott. 

Q:  What's the best advice you didn't take?  
A:  If it was good, I took it. 

Q:  If your beauty routine had to be condensed, what three products make the cut?
A:  African Royale Hot Six Oil, La Bella Max Hold Styling Gel, and Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner.

Q:  Are you the woman your ten year old self wanted to be?
A:  I wanted to be Janet Jackson. I met her a few years ago, I shared that with her in a note I wrote her. I wanted to be confident, sexy, and kind. I think I am those things actualized. 

Q:  What is your alter ego's name? Describe her in one word.
A:  Magic. Fire. 

Q:  Food, water, and _____? What else do you need to survive?
A:  Love. If I've got that…I'm winning.

Q:  Would you rather have no regrets or no fears?
A:  I'd much rather have no fears. That is the thing that holds me back from being everything else that I am. 

Q:  What's your definition of dime? 
A:  Fully one's self. Being integrated in your life makes everything more fluid and beautiful. 

Q:  What words do you live by? 
A:  You can't lead if you don't serve. | Worry not. | All things work together for the highest good.

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Video Credit: That's What She Said – Ten Things Every Female Should Know by Natalie Patterson. Content from the SoulPancake + Darling Magazine collaboration film series.

Photography provided courtesy of Natalie Patterson.


art studio: sara singh.

Finding purity in the editorial illusions that bring fashion week to the masses is a challenge. Illustrator Sara Singh highlights the depth in the performance art that is the fashion industry. Drawing inspiration from cities and everyday people, Sara transforms the beauty of community into engaging watercolor snapshots of runway subtlety. Reflections on both her signature technique and creative process are discussed in my interview with the artist.


NAME: Sara Singh | HOME GROWN: Born in London, raised in London, Stockholm, and Florida. I currently reside in New York and Stockholm. | DAY JOB: Illustrator | DREAM JOB: Illustrator, artist


COFFEE OR TEA: tea AND coffee | VINTAGE OR COUTURE: vintage everything | SUCCESS OR FAME: success | SILVER OR GOLD: I think it's fine to mix them. No rules. | APPETIZER OR DESSERT: Oh, I don't know. Appetizer. | SUMMER OR WINTER: Summer in Sweden because New York is far too hot and sticky. And New York in winter because, although cold, it's at least sunny! | MILD OR SPICY: Spicy. | NO REGRETS OR NO FEARS: I have no real regrets, I think. Fears, yes. But I try to deal with them. Biking in NYC was something I feared, but once I started biking it took just a few weeks and now I'm addicted to it.    

Q & A.

JRL:  You have several illustrations that depict two subjects. These images seem to represent a familiar duality on how we view ourselves. How does who we are verses how we want to be perceived play into your inspiration?   

SS:  I didn't realize I have this 'duality' theme in my work. But I do consciously want to add depth and expression to my drawings. I want a deeper, darker psychological mystery to live in my work.

JRL:  The watercolor technique creates the opportunity for an artist to create beauty in sadness and mystery in the obvious. Incorporating this raw human emotion into your fashion illustrations gives the women on the runway a voice - what are they saying?   

SS:  I don't know why watercolor became my medium of choice, but I think it has to do with the fact that I can't control it. The water and paint float around on the paper mostly as they please and dictate the results. I guess I like the fact that chance is involved in creation.   

JRL:  Choose one city and one color to name your autobiography.   

SS:  Can it be an imaginary city? I'll have to imagine a name for it. The color could be blue-green, like oxidized copper. All of my friends live here in this one city instead of spread all over the world. It has everything one needs – big city vibe, old architecture, pristine beaches…

JRL:  If your self-portrait could be translated into a current runway collection, who are you?   

SS:  Today I'm the Spring 2014 Maison Martin Margiela collection. Tomorrow I'll be Céline.  

JRL:  What's more important to you as an artist – accuracy in your depiction or a reaction from your audience?

SS:  I feel like I am both the artist AND the audience while I am working on a project. Generally I don't think accuracy in depiction is important. What IS important is to evoke a specific feeling / mood / action. First I have to convince myself that I've expressed this. Only then do I feel comfortable showing my work to others. I do a lot of 'bad' drawings. But sometimes, in a different context, those are the drawings that are more interesting. The rough and unrefined drawings feel somehow more soulful and pure. I've often found artists' sketches of a proposed work more interesting than the final piece. The process of creation itself is interesting. It's rare we get a glimpse of the process.

Image credits: Illustrations created by and provided courtesy of Sara Singh.

Prints of Sara's illustrations are available for purchase at Wonderwall and Stampa.


by the book: the coiffure project.

the coiffure project is a photographic essay about the beauty of individuality. baltimore based photographer glenford nuñez captures the natural hair option as a conversation, not a debate. there is a defining depth at the root of textured tresses. the coiffure project isn't simply a reflection of exaggerated coils, it is a stunning spectacle of self expression.

photography credits: the coiffure project was created by and provided courtesy of glenford nuñez.

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